the ultimate nyc KIOSK

why don't we have kiosks in america? the best part about convenient shopping in europe is the kiosk--a small stand on every corner or even in the middle of nowhere with a broad range of small items for sale. stamps, cigarettes, sunglasses, candy bars, condoms, whatever! when i was in new york, nick pointed us towards KIOSK, a tightly curated shop with themed months showcasing various small items from around the world. on their travels, the owners go to different countries and find simple, well-designed, often traditional goods and sell them at this hidden treasure chest in soho--for good prices!!! this month's theme is ICELAND and CANDY and VOLCANOES!!! it's a great place for gifts or just to check out the packaging and display of everything. on the corner of spring and broadway, follow the arrows up up up!!!

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