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my soul mate

how have i never realized how fucking rad zandra rhodes is???? i spent a good couple of hours at the library looking at some very inspirational "library use only" books, including one called the art of zandra rhodes. here are some of my favorite pages...i asked my mom for the book for my birthday so maybe i'll get to post more photos soon. :)

the best part about her work is her appreciation of other cultures (mexico, the american desert, native americans, japan, spain other native cultures....) and her thoughtful interpretation of motifs and colors and styles from each. it reminded of my sketchbook from morocco! really makes me want to live somewhere hot so i can just wear giant painted kaftans all the time.

GOD the colors and textiles are PERFECT!!!! plus now she's like 60-something and has HOT pink hair. i want to be her.


movie madness

oh my god im swimming in movies right now. like i mentioned earlier, jaws was the beginning of my attempt to view all the classics that i'm embarrassed to have never seen. here are some of the most recent. any suggestions??

La Strada, 1954
Watch it if you like: The Circus! Fellini; exploiting the poor and naive; BIG eyes and goofy faces; having a purpose in the world; buskers

Rosemary's Baby, 1968
Watch it if you like: THE DEVIL! Eccentric old people; hot young Mia Farrow; Pixie haircuts by Vidal Sassoon; selfish husbands; Witches

La Vie En Rose, 2007
Watch it if you like: Edith Piaf; singing!; French accents; romance, depression, addiction, and loss

Chinatown, 1974
Watch it if you like: Capers; Hot young Jack Nicholson; Hot young Faye Dunaway; The LA water crisis; P.I.s


i just wanna DANCE!

last night i went out for rj's birthday- best houseparty i've been to in a long time! big old dance floor and no reservations! plus tons of pizza and cupcakes. and i dont care what anyone says, this freaking whitney houston song is still the best song to dance to. i think i'm just going to try and wear those outfits in new york. the bigger the better! im actually pretty sure i've posted this before...what EVER!


work rules

so sheri and trina (at metier) gave me this awesome phillip lim bag for christmas- im obsessed with it! now i'm an adult, with real shoes and a real bag, not some thrift store sack or beat up vintage coach bag...working there rules! but it gets better...

then they decided to send me to to new york for fashion week to write about the upcoming fall 2010 collections for our blog and hopefully for some publications here in san francisco. i am so honored and thrilled and excited and NERVOUS! this is the ULTIMATE WHAT THE FUCK DO I WEAR moment! i'll be going to the 3.1 phillip lim, rag & bone, and zero + maria cornejo shows, probably my favorite lines that we carry. at least i'll look professional with my new attaché!!



lynn & horst just blogged about fencing- what a coincidence! i was just passing by the golden gate fencing center, conveniently located a block from my house, and wondering how i would go about getting involved in such a sport...i could look like this:

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not your average anty

leafcutter ants RULE!!! they can carry up to 20 times their own body weight! wow! and they don't actually eat the leaves, but compost them in their homes and eat the fungus that grows from it. they're the original farmers. more ant facts here.


good morning, i'm hungry

fashion blogs have kind of lost my attention lately...how many pictures of the same people can you really look at every day? now i find myself gaining much more inspiration from my favorite daily indulgence- FOOD! my favorite food blog lately is simply breakfast, jennifer causey's daily catalog of her morning meal. i just got into steel cut oats (thanks trina!), always enjoy making my own granola, and have recently discovered the benefits of waking up early (what? it's hard!). so breakfast blog it is! on a rainy day off like today, sleeping in and a big warm breakfast are definitely a requirement...


you're gonna need a bigger boat

last night i made chili + cornbread + apple pie for some friends and followed it up with a viewing of JAWS! i'm on a kick of checking classic movies out of the library that i've never seen, so this was the first installment. got me thinking about the beauty of sharks and their unfortunate reputation...the movie sure doesn't help that! here are some intense images of the poor sharkies who couldn't get away- terrible isn't it! no wonder our oceans are fished dry! at least they weren't blown up with an oxygen tank! oops, did i spoil it?

HELP SAVE SHARKS! don't forget to visit the ReefQuest Center for Shark Research to learn more about shark biology and how to help aid shark conservation.

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hanky panky

i made some handkerchiefs the other day with a bottle of navy blue rit dye and some string. you likey?


loved and lost

OH MY GOD four years ago i used to have these amazing shoes i found at the goodwill in portland that for some ridiculous reason i ended up getting rid of (i never wore heels, they were too "witchy," who knows?!). ever since i've doodled them, dreamed of them, and have been scheming up a plan on how to remake them until...i just found them on etsy! wtf? if you're a 7.5 you've gotta get these, they're super comfy and the spirit of them needs to continue on. check them out at the james rowland shop on etsy. they've got a ton of other great shoes too. i love you, zodiac platform shoes with a bow! one day you will be mine again!



Ok, I know these images are huge, but it's kind of worth it...and this isn't even HALF of them! Yet another gem in the New York Public Library digital collections are the textile designs and drawings of E.A. Seguy. Absolutely stunning in their use of color, shape, pattern! Don't you just want to wallpaper your house in this? I'm not even loving the bugs or butterflies that much, but I'm still so blown away by the colors!

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