how cool are these photos from the olympic opening ceremonies?

and more

im a barbie girl

in a filipina barbie world

special edition!

check ken out in the middle there...

takes the cake


family photos

the san francisco public library has an exhibition in the main library right now of photos of regular old san francisco families over the past hundred or so years...some older. beautiful, everyday snapshots of families, friends, celebrations, laundry days, and homes. here are a few favorites:

ocean beach ca. 1927

house wedding 1969

on treat street (our street!!!), 1928

1930 in the mission

rivero family w/16 children, 1924

see the rest online here


take it or sleeve it

i've been looking for a case for my laptop for quite a while...just ran across some interesting ones. all i want is something lightweight that will protect my baby when it's in my bag in the airport/en route to the library. have been avoiding species like this:

the "let's-make-the-ugliest-bag-ever-so-we-can-distract-anyone-from-thinking-that there's-a-laptop-in-here-by-just-forcing-them-to-think-about-the-hideousness-of-this-bag" laptop bag

or this:

although quite cute, and i am a fan of cookie monster, i am not 5 years old or a raver and do not feel like pulling this out at the coffee shop.

am leaning more towards:

clever & cool, but too kitschy?

great fabric, but will handmade hold up?

sleek and tough, but do i really want industrial felt?

awesome, but no macbook air! :(

nice color, but too "outdoorsy?"

chic, but too fancy schmancy?

2 for 1! but too ugly?

OH GOD who knows, i guess i'll just have to keep looking....


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