count me in

look at chicago-based photographer paul octavious' rad work. numbers, chicago, images of the same place on different days, and plane photos are all some favorite things we share in common. going to reno tomorrow for passover. remember this? bringing teresa with me this time, her first seder! sooo excited....


garden party


john weeded and cleaned up the backyard this weekend while i potted some plants and sowed some seeds....inch by inch! the house is looking great these days!

man at work.

my fave plant + children :)

lindsay's jungle plants

living room looking sparkly!

my bedside table w/new plant!

it's pretty much summer

hot days are hard to come by in sf, but this past week has been GLORIOUS!!! the first bikerides to golden gate park, gardening, wearing of sandals and dresses, and bbqs of 2010 are complete! lounging in dolores park, booty bassment at the knockout, ice cream at humphry slocombe (3x this week!), zeitgeist (ew!), crowns of jasmine, weed cookies, red bike parades......it's all happening! can't wait for more....oh yeah, it's ok to be jealous right now.


pink & blue

these mindboggling photos are part of The Pink and Blue Project by korean photographer, jeongmee yoon. she photographs children in their bedrooms surrounded by every single blue (for boys) or pink (for girls) item that they own. the project stemmed from her daughter's obsession with all things pink, which is apparently common all over the world. it's astonishing to see all the different products marketed in this color code- pink hairbrushes, ponies, and tutus for girls and blue maps, bike helmets, and dinosaur books for boys. so MANY things and so PINK and they're so YOUNG! disturbing in terms of development of gender identity and materialism, fascinating that color codes also cross cultural boundaries...

her other photos are equally compelling, portraits of korean people in their workspaces. she obviously has a penchant for people and symmetry and things....

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