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chermayeff & geismar is a design firm famous for their icons and branding for huuuuuuge clients: pbs, national geographic, nbc, barney's, pan am, the museum of modern art, etc etc etc. the AIGA (american institute of graphic arts) has a great online design archive (with an impressive interface, duh) with some of c&g's work since the beginning, 1957. although i'm not a big fan of some of their corporate clients (chase bank, mobil, marlin firearms), still have to admit it's great/effective design. damn, they must make so much fucking money! here are some of my faves:

The Mead Library of Ideas 23rd International Annual Report Competition 1979

Uarco Annual Report 1970


New York Botanical Garden Conservatory poster 1978

Machito and his Orchestra 1957

Pepsi Cola World 1958

Port Authority Luggage Tags

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