scifi style

the other day i assisted the stylist on a shoot for 7x7 magazine's fashion issue coming out in september. it was a logan's run themed story (the whole issue is also science themed) so we had the models in nerdy 70s sci-fi outfits and we shot the whole thing on location at SLAC, the stanford linear accelerator. although many of us still don't know what goes on there...it's something about smashing protons to find out what makes them up....we think. they discovered quarks here, as well as z bosons....yeessssss.

we shot inside the accelerator building, which is basically a two-mile long hallway full of important looking equipment that house a laser under the ground which shoot the particles up to a high enough speed to smash them at the end of the tunnel (almost the speed of light!!!). we were also in an old, abandoned facility that is now used for parts for the new facility they're building next to it. it looked like the hatch in lost! but above ground. complete with abandoned sci-fi looking stations with argon gas knobs and an emergency button, notebooks still left open with grids of numbers and notes, and a clock stopped at 1:25 and 14 seconds. here are some joyous photos from the internet, b/c i left my camera in the car. ill post the finished photos in september, can't wait!

decay of the higgs particle!

diagram of the linear accelerator at stanford

also some cool (but small!) video animations of what happens inside the accelerator and/or detector when the particles are smashed here and my favorites, a gold ion hitting another gold ion: here and another view here


life's sew hard

just bought a sewing machine off of craigslist. thar she blows!

expect many projects in the future...big things ahead. BIG THINGS like curtains, finally fixing my pillowcases, hemming my boyfriend's pants, etc etc etc. HUGE.



great photos, catchy song, hot girl and kanye. it's just too bad they're not in chicago, then it'd be perfect. but wait...does she get assaulted in the end? not sure what that's about....what-evs.



got a new gig writing for storeadore.com. nice little site profiling small boutiques throughout the country in different cities. i get to roam around, go shopping, and then write a little about different boutiques here in sf in the mission. today i went to one called gravel & gold. great place, small space, lisa (one of 3 owners) was very sweet, friendly, and has impeccable taste. the place is like your grandma's house and your best friend's living room combined. here are some photos:


lisa at gravel  & gold

rack attack

necklace on a jar in gravel and gold

stop by 18th & treat for some fun and pretty things. they're having a party saturday with music by ed masuga. check it out.


get it, girl!

just came home from styling a photo shoot for serial cultura's spring lookbook. jen jennings is the designer, SO SWEET, amazing pieces, great hair and makeup people and an incredible location--the rooftop of the sf art institute in north beach. incredible panoramic view of the city, very san francisco up on the hill, tiers of pastel houses, alcatraz, the east bay, all juxtaposed with giant concrete forms and textured concrete walls. so incredible. AND we had great weather, probably 75 degrees most of the day. what more can you ask?

here are some behind the scenes action shots:

tags and clips

work it girl!

holding hands!


hold it

accessories rainbow

the portals


vera vera good

i love vera. vintage scarves, blouses, dresses, linens, dishtowels...EVERYTHING vera has incredible design and adorable, clever drawings. ouno design is now making bedspreads out of old scarves, many vera ones also included. check it:

if i weren't so lazy i'd make one...but i say that about everything. such a cool, updated idea of the patchwork quilt!!!
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