west side story

the cemetary where my grandmother is buried is on the west side of chicago. i hadn't driven out there in many years. the landscape is minorly depressing. so midwestern. simple. so many polish flags. so many low, brick homes. everything is low, really. maybe it was just the circumstance of the day that made it seem so monotonous. everything seemed quiet and simple and strangely calm. it was perfect weather- 70s, no clouds, an early spring heat. perfect day for a funeral, really. i didn't even have to wear a jacket.


leanne came to town for a hot minute and although we didn't get to see each other enough, we managed to do a quick burst of what we've always done best- take ridiculous photos of each other in rad outfits! come back soon, my friend!


holy of holies

have you guys seen holy mountain? i watched it once before and was quite intrigued but confused. this time around i paid attention for as long as i could and was still unable to decipher the barrage of symbols and signs. visually very very stimulating (lots of pattern, repetition, multiplicity, psychedelic scenes and colors) and the scale of the production seems huge...but if you're looking for a nice, narrative film to relax to, this isn't it. highlights include frogs in costumes, butt-print art, rainbow caverns, and an incredible sense of colors.


will it hurt??

FUCK I WANT THESE SANDALS but with tax and shipping they'll be about $160........will the toe strap hurt me? should i just do it?? theyre so amazing!!! on super sale at creatures of comfort...

big ass pants

sophia and the girls over at nasty gal always have the raddest shit. weather's warming up and i think i needs these!


back to reno

going to reno again tomorrow to help clean out my grandmother's apartment. like woah. probably wont be bushels of fun like last time with teresa at circus circus!



baked goods flashback! remember entenmann's crumb donuts or cheese danish? mint milanos? sara lee frozen pound cake??? happy 420!

plant love

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