make the maker

stumbled upon sophy naess' work tonight while googling around. aren't the swedes great? i like her hockney-esque brightness, simplicity, and shapes. makes me want to make things again. her website archive is loaded with depictions of her presumably enviable cool kid life--anonymous interlocking lovers, a peeing pair in the bushes (drawn in microsoft paint), homages to attractive friends. but under all that hipness is a great sense of color and design and a terrific sense of humor. thanks for the joy, sophy!


dirty dishes

trina and i went cruising around clement street the other day and and of course she took me to this fantastic asian store (the best!) stacked precariously high with patterned cups, bowls, and other kitchen supplies for your asian needs. wow, if you ever need a gift this is the place to be. owl-shaped tea sets and lilypad chopstick holders....asians never disappoint.



brent & nathan were in town this weekend from chicago for the budget rock festival. we saw hunx & his punx with cheap time on thursday at the eagle (best gay bar ever!) and nico was lucky enough to see the reincarnated mummies at bottom of the hill.

then we brunched at casa sanchez (famous salsa) and hiked up bernal hill for a nice vista...hot days! that butterfly over my head was NOT photoshopped! woooah coool!!! great timing, huh??


miniature horses--what can you do with them?

UM HELLO unicornerfarm.com gives you ideas on what to do with your miniature horse: DRESS THEM UP IN COSTUMES! just in time for halloween!!!!!!!!

is this cruel???????!!!!??


5 things i wanted to buy at the thrift store

but didnt

cute vintage mikasa brown teacups w/saucers

rudimentary adding machine (??)

tea kettle clock

"zucker" (german for sugar) container

leather ice bucket

in the white house

the white house has an official flickr photostream with incredible behind-the-scenes with obama!

all images by pete souza


mysteries of the dodecahedron

"Oh, yes: I finally came up with a recurrence relation suitable for creating a Keplerian octagonal tesselation."

this guy's website, quadibloc, includes more complicated shit than i will ever understand in my entire life. but boy are the images cool! maybe one day i will take the time to read and semi-comprehend the explanations of map projections, tilings, the jewish calendar, CHESS, the inner-workings of computers, how telescopes work...........or ill just look at the pretty pictures.

and good luck navigating the site, it's as much of a labyrinth as THE HUMAN MIND!!!!

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