family time

nothing better than your family around holidays to welcome you, care for you, and then drive you fucking insane! i guess there are some fun moments too...

mama and i went to the art institute to check out the modern wing....eh. i don't know. not so impressed. the best stuff is on the 3rd floor but the whole thing seems a bit cramped and poorly organized, if you ask me. the arts & crafts exhibit is quite nice, all pieces pulled from chicago-based collections, and perfectly coincided with my recent read-ups on the movement. the best part about the new wing, though, was the fab views of the city. nico!



the other day, my grandma and i made a bunch of pompoms for my brother's new kitten. her ancient yarn collection is just begging to be used, so today dorothy and i made a few more pom poms and some friendship bracelets...

we then proceeded to make the world's largest pom pom......which as, as you can see below, did not succeed in it's pompomness, but did work quite well as a hair piece...

...and barf simulator.

...then we made even more pom poms and decided to go play with them in the snow...

...yes, we are nerds. yes, it was 20 degrees outside. and yes, our fingers painfully defrosted by the radiator afterwards. but HELL YES it was worth it!!! we haven't had this much winter fun since that one snow day back in 2002....


back in november, lisa and i went to see a free library screening of between the folds, a documentary about paper folding that i missed at the sf documentary fest. AMAZING film if you like paper (and folding it!) about contemporary folders pushing the envelope (ha) with tehcnology and seeing how far you can go with a single sheet of uncut paper.

afterwards we went on an origami kick, lisa making hundreds of tiny origami christmas ornaments for our tree. one great folder who wasn't in the film (so many weren't included...) was eric gjerde, who's got an incredible collection of images of his work on his flickr photostream. they're so beautiful!!! thats a lot of folding and a lot of math that i'm not about to get into....i'll stick to paper hats and animals.


merry christmas, dahling!

it's christmas eve and my mom and i are getting ready to prep for tomorrow's giant meal of filipino deliciousness- chicken adobo, pansit, and my favorite coconut rice cake, bibingka!

but before we do that, i'm teaching her how to tweet and helping her run the etsy store...aka looking at fabulous images of fashionable ladies of the past! our inspiration! so my xmas gifts to you are these great images from the collection of myvintagevogue.com! enjoy and have a wonderful, joyous, peaceful christmas with your families!!!


holiday cheer

ryan, tim, brian, will & jose's xmas party was a grand ol' time. what a great way to kick off the holiday season! everyone in their festive sweaters- even the beer dressed up!

sex sells

you should also watch these. love it!


worth about a million bucks

my dad got me tickets to see million dollar quartet at the apollo theater last night. so rad! the show's about a night in december 1956, where elvis, johnny cash, carl perkins, and jerry lee lewis all happened to be at the sun records studios at the same time and spontaneously recorded a jam session. the fathers of rock & roll!!! all in one room together!!!

the show was great, although the audience was a bit old (whatev, it's their generation) which wouldn't have mattered, except that i wanted to dance the whole time and everyone was kind of just stiffly clapping. they really try to rile people up at the end, which worked, and eventually it was all just shake, baby, shake!

how cool is jerry lee lewis? too bad he got shafted for marrying his cousin and for all that tax evasion.

i also realized that me and jerry and elvis all have the same haircut. i should totally start slicking it back and carrying a comb in my back pocket.

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