swedes do it better

have been trying to clean out piles of old magazines in my room...but i always go through and tear out any last-minute sources of inspiration before submitting the paper mountains to the recycling. last night i found the above image of hans krondahl's "gallop" textile in a free magazine i picked up in copenhagen. how clever! it reminds me so much of my favorite italian futurist painting, dynamism of a dog on a leash, by giacomo balla.

krondahl's other textiles from the 70s are equally fun and punchy. if you speak swedish, this seems to be an article on his more recent work. and the chicago art institute has a nice online collection of his work, seen below:

an exhibit of his work was at the waldemarsudde in sweden this spring and travelled to the malmö art museum. a book of his work was made to accompany the exhibit...gotta get it!
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