wish list!

chanukkah starts tomorrow, chanukah sameach! i think i'll do a party next week with doughnuts and latkes...yum! i spent all day today making a holiday guide for metier....but here's MY wish list--8 days of chanukah, 8 days of gifts!!! (although mom or dad, if you're reading this, i really just want cash!!! $$$$$!!!!!)

meringue rings from charles & marie to add to my food-jewelry collection (m&m necklace, s'mores necklace, oreo cookie pendant, apple core pendant, ice cream cone earrings...the list goes on....)

nerdy stonehenge and water cycle t-shirts by isotope

legs tape and bauhaus notebook at collected by tas-ka

mociun galaxy dress at frances may

koji horigome hexagon shoes at not just a label

swedish hasbeen clogs!!!

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