ice cold

it's 47°F here in san francisco (8°C for you european readers out there) and i am just FREEZING! riding my bike to work is getting harder and harder, the roof is starting to leak, and i just want soup and crusty bread for dinner every night. ok ok, maybe i'm being a wimp, but i kinda just wish i was sitting in front of one of these until spring comes...but at least i'm not in snowy chicago (YET!).


images via feelingsfrommyheart, sf and ny public libraries, apartment therapy, and ounodesign blog


The Introitus said...

its blizzarding here. and it isn't the pretty snow - its the ugly grey slushy stuff. :(

Elise said...

i'd give anything to be in cold California. Maybe sans the 4 hunks known as Bonfire, I just sit near a heater instead.

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