lick yours


LIPS. for some reason lip motifs are looking so good right now...so 80s of me.

vintage sonia rykiel at la chanteuse

just like my childhood, lips phone! from none other than lipstore.com

the new flaming lips album, embryonic


still here!

prada leopard print heels

lanvin gold mirrored cone heels (fab for new year's!!!)

and my fave, d&g lace-up boots. please don't make me have to wear these!

i know someone wants to buy these on ebay!!! come on, people!


happy birthday augie!!!

lots of celebrating this week! i went to august's 1st birthday party on sunday. trina threw him a "go, dog, go!" themed party and everyone had to wear a hat. i brought balloons, which a freaked out over!

i have to say, the creativity level was pretty high on the hat front--from lampshades, to pillowcases, to feathered and sparkly, everyone looked fantastic and had a great time.

we munched dim sum all afternoon and filled our bellies with mini-cupcakes and sugar cookies. of course, crafty miss trina made everything, the invitations, decorations, even mini-hats for the cupcakes made from the chinese newspaper you get on the corner over on geary!

thanks for a great time, trina, sean, and little mr. augie! happy birthday!


happy thanksgiving!

just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! i'm thankful for so many things, including my wonderful family and friends, my fabulous boyfriend and our beautiful home that we've made together here in san francisco. it's been a crazy year so far. thanks for reading my blog and sharing it all with me, wherever you are!!!

today i had a wonderful meal with lisa, nico, his mother, marie; brother, carlos; and carlos' girlfriend, helen. we skipped the turkey and went for veggie enchiladas, a chicken soup, and my very own sweet-potato pie with caramelized nut topping. bomb!

here are some of my favorite fall photos i've taken over the past few years...we're off to have a second feast at the boys' house around the corner. enjoy!


is that chambray?

really into chambray lately.

we had a great rag & bone chambray button-down at metier that had pinstripe lining. came in a nice classic blue and cool salt&pepper grey that sold out real quick...which inspired me to get this old calvin klein shirtdress at goodwill w/debi. it's similar to this one by rag & bone, via heist

and "you loved it when it was your boyfriend's..." at jcrew

could probably use these, although i have some trashed slipon flats that are the same...ha. via elletrain

i wore this 80s grey chambray dress to work and zana's trunk show the other night (read: see below. god, don't i look so uncomfortable and awkward?!?). it has snap-off sleeves that are really rad, too...

but not THIS into it...via quiltkrazy (where else??)


HUGE cupcake

so my mom called me today and told me she saw a GIANT cupcake tin at walgreens and asked me if i needed it ("you throw parties all the time!!!!" she reasoned). i cracked up at the absurdity of the question and the object itself and proceeded to tell lisa about my mom's thoughtful suggestion. but then lisa told me she saw the same thing at walgreens and wanted to buy it for me, too!!! WTF? do i look like i need a giant cupcake maker??? now that i think about it...maybe i DO!!!


harness the power

don't forget, tonight is zana's san francisco debut! stop by her harness trunk show at shotwell (metier's neighbor!) tonight from 6-9. zana is such a great inspiration, always doing her thing, looking good, trampling the haters and winning hearts. psyched to see her back in sf for a few days!

images via zana's blog, garbage dress


molto bene

nico and i stayed in last night to watch my latest movie from the library--michelangelo antonioni's l'avventura.

the shots were incredible, slow, moody, achey. the film is a great exploration of characters and their relationships, and yet another glimpse into the unhappy, tumultuous lives of the upper class.

monica vitti looks stunning atop italian coastal islands, hair piecey and blowing. she goes gallavanting through ancient roman towns and posh hotels, trying to justify her love for her best friend's lover...

here's a great scene from the beginning of the movie...(don't worry, i won't spoil it)

and one of my favorites from the end...

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