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a long long time ago i lived in portland and interned at ultrapdx.com, a pleasant little culture/fashion/art website chronicling portland's creative communities and efforts. lisa radon, who runs the show, is one of my mentors, an amazing writer, poet, and mom! she recently featured an editorial that i styled (THERE ARE NO RULES) with photographer minh tran, an extremely talented ex-vancouver-to-portland transplant. here's a nibble, bite rest off here.

thanks to...
lisa for her everlasting support!!!
minh for motivation, creation, consultation, feeding the nation + more!!!
anna webber on multi-level hair and makeup!!!
ray welkin for those tripped out kaleidoscope projections!!!


new york, open your eyes to me

i'm going to new york on thursday to visit a good friend of mine from high school, olivia! i've been trying to find some good shows and openings to go to, to get the real "new york experience" (what's new york without a night that starts at a gallery opening??).

the image above is from an exhibit at the met about pictures postcards. gotta see that.

and MUST go to the costume institute to see this:

and to the american folk art museum for henry darger:

and contemporary african american quilts:

i also found some things on artslant that look interesting:

rosemarie fiore, who uses fireworks to make her most recent paintings (like cai guo-qiang!) is having a panel discussion about her work/technique on the 29th. too bad i won't be there until the 30th. here's some images of her recent and past works with fireworks, waffle irons, pinball machines....

"personal abstraction" is opening at brooklyn's hjkb, looks interesting, with works by these guys:

shawn kuruneru

benjamin king

denise kupferschmidt

anyone have suggestions???


passover in reno: part one

after portland i flew down to reno to visit my family and to celebrate passover. for those of you who aren't familiar with the myriad jewish holidays (there are so many to keep track of), passover is the holiday that coincides with easter and commemorates the jews' escape from egypt after being enslaved by the egyptian pharoah.

we celebrate with a huge meal called a seder, during which every dish, gesture, glass of wine, song sung and prayer said has a specific symbolic meaning. "Seder" means order, so the meal (which lasted FOREVER as a kid) has a particular order in which everything is done. Washing of hands; blessings over wine and food; the asking of the four questions by the youngest child; the exciting game of finding the afikoman, a hidden piece of matzah (cracker-like bread); and then finally eating and singing songs.

the themes of freedom and rebirth are essential to this holiday, making it a very universally applicable celebration. surprisingly enough, jesus' last supper was actually a passover seder!

my aunt gila and uncle dave hosted the seder at their house. they got a big kick of my photographing every single movement and step in the preparation process. i have an essay that i'm working on about the entire experience that i'll post a bit later, but here are some images of my time in reno. it was great to see my family and to celebrate this amazing holiday with them. the traditions were refreshed in my mind and it felt like i was home again after a long long time.


my grandmother, sabta (grandma in hebrew), preparing the charoset, a blend of apples, nuts, honey and wine that symbolizes the mortar between the bricks of the pyramids built by the enslaved jews

happy centerpieces!

generic matzah

matzah cover

sabta and gila inspecting the shmurah matzah, which was made by hands under watchful jewish eyes in brooklyn and shipped to reno. according to them it tastes like cardboard, but i like it :)

auntie gila making matzah balls


the silver came from my grandfather's home in germany

uncle dave, always and forever a cowboy

the seder table!

the seder plate! complete with symbols


the icon of icons. i recently ran across some articles on the "mother of the mac trash can," susan kare, a graphic artist that designed so many of the original mac icons and typefaces. they're so simple, so pixelated, yet so memorable, effective, and witty! remember these?

now her work, based of out sf, includes those clever little facebook icons posted all over your and your friends' walls; those cute little chumbys; and other graphic work for software and websites. WOW!


im on the marrakech express

i'm trying to plan out my trip, specifically the leg in morocco. during my research, including lots of library books, podcasts, and googling, i've found some amazing things that i just have to see. one of them being GOATS THAT CAN CLIMB TREES! wow, i have to see this, it's amazing!!!

other sights include:


jardin majorelle, garden of rare plants and museum with yves saint laurent + pierre berge's islamic art collection

henna and camels

chefchaouen blue!

amazing tile, i love the geometry of islamic art and decor


Serial Cultura fall 09!

forgot to post these! i helped style jen's lookbook for her fall 09 collection. same awesome team: co-stylist ewa davis, photographer scott clark, and newbies kat on makeup and sam on hair (debi's lovely assistant!). she's having a 25% off spring sale right now on her website, so go check it out. the prints are FABULOUS!!!


one night in VEGAS!!!

this weekend i flew down to vegas to be a hair model for di pietro todd, the best salon here in sf!!! my friend and incredibly talented stylist, debi (wasssuuuupp debiiiii!!!!!) invited me to go with to help them celebrate l'oreal's 100th year anniversary. last week i had my hair cut and colored, then flew down saturday morning and made our way to the venetian....!!!!!!

saturday was: rehearsal and prep all day; dinner; talking our way into some club (why keep the models out???); dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing; and going to bed too late.

aisha taping shoes, fun!


lovely venice

cheerleading competition participant

wait on me

bad angle

bachelorettes ruled

waterfall in the club

party models

this could be your mom

sunday was: waking up at 6:30; prep prep prep; SHOWTIME; photos photos photos; POOL POOL POOL POOL POOL!!!!!!!!!!!! airport southwestern jewelry shopping + burritos; and finally getting home.

all about hair


janky hair dryer!



(check out my lashes!!!!)

bobs + team!

killer heels


great carpet


lovely lija

lovely ria

lovely katia

no shame

paid or paying?



as a vegas virgin, i was blown away by the excess...the girls...the money...the fakeness...the midwesterners...the exorbitant prices...the hotels...the waste...the GLAMOUR!!!! it was short but kind of long. overwhelming but invigorating. a nice little vacation.

the other models were great, and enjoyed chocolate and cookies as much as i do. thanks for a great time, girls!!! see you soon!
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