portland: part 4, SO LONG

it's always terrible to leave old friends, even for the second time around. my best ones, caitlin and haley and noah, were my first friends in college and are still up in the northwest. c & h are graduating this semester from college, woohhoo!!! noah graduated a semester early, that bastard!

we rendevoused at the rose garden for a last look at the city in which we made so many memories together. i was sad to leave, but i'm happy to know that we are all moving on to bigger things.

caitlin, as i mentioned, is using her talents to make and make and make more and more and more and will be spending the summer working and creating in martha's vineyard with her beau, caleb.

haley is working at an equine therapy center, using horses as therapy for disabled children, and wants to go on to study animal assisted therapy in grad school. how RAD IS THAT???

noah is working for americorps (always the selfless one) up in seattle and plans to keep fighting for gay, cyclist, and pedestrian rights until he croaks. hopefully he will get his teaching position in spain...fingers crossed!

here's to their college graduation and our futures apart but always together!!! CONGRATS YOU GUYS!!!

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