one night in VEGAS!!!

this weekend i flew down to vegas to be a hair model for di pietro todd, the best salon here in sf!!! my friend and incredibly talented stylist, debi (wasssuuuupp debiiiii!!!!!) invited me to go with to help them celebrate l'oreal's 100th year anniversary. last week i had my hair cut and colored, then flew down saturday morning and made our way to the venetian....!!!!!!

saturday was: rehearsal and prep all day; dinner; talking our way into some club (why keep the models out???); dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing; and going to bed too late.

aisha taping shoes, fun!


lovely venice

cheerleading competition participant

wait on me

bad angle

bachelorettes ruled

waterfall in the club

party models

this could be your mom

sunday was: waking up at 6:30; prep prep prep; SHOWTIME; photos photos photos; POOL POOL POOL POOL POOL!!!!!!!!!!!! airport southwestern jewelry shopping + burritos; and finally getting home.

all about hair


janky hair dryer!



(check out my lashes!!!!)

bobs + team!

killer heels


great carpet


lovely lija

lovely ria

lovely katia

no shame

paid or paying?



as a vegas virgin, i was blown away by the excess...the girls...the money...the fakeness...the midwesterners...the exorbitant prices...the hotels...the waste...the GLAMOUR!!!! it was short but kind of long. overwhelming but invigorating. a nice little vacation.

the other models were great, and enjoyed chocolate and cookies as much as i do. thanks for a great time, girls!!! see you soon!


Appeal to the Eye said...

hahahaha that water is toooo clean to be real venice ; )
I say it coz I've been living in Venice :)

have a look at my streetstyles, parties, fashion blog and let's exchange links if you'd like sweety

Much Love


Verena Stefanie

trigg and trig. said...

ewwww creeperssss
you look so great i'm going to meeeees youuuuu!!

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