au revoir agnes b. (and merci!)

agnes b. on grant street is closing--15 years! an institution for classic french everything! SO SAD! i stopped by during lunch, just in time for a mad rush of japanese tourists and passersby scrounging for 80% deals on anything left they could get their hands on...

i befriended an old italian lady who said she had been shopping there for years and was sad to see the place go; the poor shopgirl who was stuck rushing around refolding, rehanging, and attempting to keep order in the mayhem, pointed out a few buried treasures; and the guy in line behind me called every one of his friends trying to find out their shoe size after purchasing the entire men's shoe department the night before.

i escaped (barely) with several scores, including:

- 1 pair sparkly silver trousers
- 1 clown-inspired polka dot tunic with flower trim
- 1 pair amazing white slouchy stacked-heel boots
- 2 red swimsuits (1 scandalous, 1 tie-dyed)
- 3 hats (1 fur, one scrunchy comme des garcons-esque straw, 1 peach felt)
- 3 art books (1 on window dressing, 2 on artists)

total: $250, tax included!

unfortunately i had to pass up the cream leather western jacket with friiiinge all down the sleeves and back and chest....not necessary but there's something to be said about a $450 from $2250 price tag....fuck.



my mom and i love the mt. sinai hospital thrift store on halsted & diversey in chicago. we always raid the designer room. while i was there in august we picked up some books and checked out a few old copies of holiday magazine, a fancy travel magazine that (based on google searches) was around post-war through the 60s...we love the design and the photos!

here are some images from the april 1960 issue:

and some other great covers from gono.com:


it's that good

upon returning from my trip, nico had a few lovely gifts waiting for me- michael jordan t-shirts and some awesome flip-front sunglasses. he kept raving about this store that just opened a block from the house...

...on the corner of 22nd & folsom next to our oft-frequented corner store, is THE GOOD SHOP. now when i go buy coconut juice or tortillas i can stop in for rad vintage, whacked out locally/independently designed pieces (um, pants with googly eyes?) and friendly chats with owner ria, her man, and business partner.

the other day i scored a deep-backed, booty showing, stretch leopard dress for a cool $20 and wished my feet were a 7 (as always) for these multi-color woven rasta keds. check them out online and in reality in the mission!



when pom poms attack

ok i know etsy can be kinda crafty and a little too olympia sometimes, but i have found some amazing vingtage craft supplies and other cool handmade doodads.....LIKE THESE incredible pom pom masterpieces:

from shop66

from nerdburger

from absolutelysmall


homage to summer: athens, georgia

our travels in georgia pretty much consisted of eating a lot of incredibly unhealthy food. my best friend from chicago, dorothy, lives in athens, working as a tech in one of the uga botany labs. she rules! we stayed at her place and cooked delicious vegan meals (the only guilt-free thing we had), shared embarrassingly large smoothies, demolished cajun boiled peanuts at the fleamarket, and choked down classic americana at the varsity.

(that's my motto!)

nico and i drove south to find a watering hole....

...and dorothy gave us a personal, after hours tour of the greenhouses! yes!

(dorothy & friends)



i fell in love with lost in translation in 03--the soundtrack, japan, scarlett johanssen, etc etc. the best song was always phoenix's "too young," but i couldn't find their records anywhere! that soundtrack was #1 on my itunes list forever...and last night i FINALLY saw phoenix live! so nerdy! so rad! so FUN! went with moni, tracy (my metier ladies all reppin the store in phillip lim & isabel marant!) and did we daaance!

(PS the led light show was just as epic as the music!)

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