animism via karl grandin

check out this sweater by artist karl grandin

with this he claims to "free" the logo-animals of their capitalist connotations. i think it works, so many logos i never even realized were animals! like the nbc turkey/peacock? woah, that went right over my head.

mr. grandin's also done work for cheap monday:

and Cheap Monday's streetwear label, WKND:

the best-- his "signature" logo:

so much fun!!!


im usually not a big ebay seller unless it's something really good. im more likely to go through moments of obsession with vintage shoes or vera collectables....but this time i've got some good shit and i've gotta make some money! check it out and then buy it:






mrs. o

found this great little blog that documents what mrs. obama chooses to wear every day. our chic 1st lady is styled by the infamous ikram of chicago, but is she worthy of the constant comparisons to jackie o? i'm not sure yet, but i love jason wu and zero + maria cornejo and thakoon...so we're on the right track.

and just for kicks, how about this adorable picture of our president?

any similarities to.......?

rain job

so the sunday after my bday/vday party i got up bright and early to do the wardrobe for a shoot with photographer brett ferguson. it poured all day so our on-location shoot turned into on-location in the makeup artist's living room. i went a little 70s, a little party-animal, a little grungey parking-lot trespasser, all inspired by colors from those eggleston photos. the hair and makeup both turned out quite nice. here's what we came up with:


blinded by the light

we got the lookbook for karen walker eyewear at work today we couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the styling. what better gimick than sunglasses for vampires? it just makes so much sense. i'm not even a vampire but i want these glasses!

the other collections are also styled impeccably. i have used glasses to hide my tears as well. enjoy the rest of the images at the website.


just cut it off

fuck the long hair and bangs, let's give it up for what everyone's scared to do but what everyone secretly wants---- short hair!!!

um, can i please be her? for halston

who cares if they're wigs? the girls w/the man at 3.1 phillip lim

tao okamoto for marc by mj

mimi roche for y-3

kanye's slutty bald girlfriend, amber rose


day of birth

the birthday party was a big hit! unfortunately the camera was out of memory and i couldn't get it out of widescreen mode (???), so only a very few photographic images of the event are on record. here is what is remains. thanks to everyone who came and devoured the red velvet cupcakes and cake, chocolate chip cookies, and sugar cookies shaped like R's, unicorns, and flamingos! i hope you had fun, i sure did!


sarah in tunisia

a friend of mine from high school, sarah brandt, is currently teaching english in tunisia. for those of you who don't know, tunisia is here:

sarah was kind enough to house me in berlin a few times, over new year's and again when i visited with nico. she has kept a blog documenting her time in tunisia and the entries are a perfect outsiders' glimpse into this strange land categorized somewhere in between africa and the middle east. although they stop in november, i still love reading her stories about her students, her landlady, and the couscous! plus, her photos are ingenius. please enjoy!



just got a new bottle of shu uemura oil-based cleanser that i'm psyched to try out. a makeup artist i worked with this weekend recommended it. chemistry-wise it makes sense, oil is attracted to oil so a mineral oil cleanser would seem like the best option to remove excess oil from the skin. i'm not a beauty buff by any means, but i'm excited to test out a new product! plus, look at how amazing the packaging is:

AND they have amazing fake eyelashes:

it's so clean and translucent and japanese! I LOVE IT!


i couldn't help myself...

dazed & confused's boys to watch for fall 09...

so androgynous. so exotic. so fine.

serial cultura fall 09

i styled jen's spring lookbook last july with ewa, and as the fashion world turns, so do collections. her fall 09 pieces look incredible, lots of great prints (as always) and shapes a la maria cornejo. we threw it all together with help from photographer scott clark. here are some images from her blog, more from the shoot to come:

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