teresa and i scouted out some places for CELEBRATION ROOM #4 and decided upon a nice space right in front of karlsplatz, an iconic viennese square dominated by the karlskirche, smack dab in the middle of the city. despite the grey weather, we marked off a large area between some trees and light poles and began to decorate the space with paper chains and other colorful decorations. friends dropped by and helped decorate, including chris and frenchie friend, boris. people began to become curious as the space transformed, but very few actually inquired as to what we were doing......until we invited them in to the space to celebrate! we had two bags of confetti and offered each passerby a handful. most people were quite hesitant and probably 85% turned us down with a "nein, danke!" or a nervous giggle.

but the other 15% came into the space, threw confetti, hung out and danced around with us to michael jackson, the rolling stones, and a playlist that nico made for me that we used in CR #1. there was a great exchange and sharing of smiles and celebration with young and old people stopping in- we had an old actor on a bicycle, a young hippie couple, an older couple coming from the opera, a homeless man, an art historian/restorator and his dancer/artist date, and even more!!!! people cheered, kissed, embraced, and threw confetti in the space and generally enjoyed the atmosphere before going on with their lives. when people asked what we were celebrating, we said, "das leben!" or "LIFE!" or "whatever you want!!!"

as it got dark, we realized that the space we had chosen was actually the site of another installation- an artist had added hand-blown colored glass plates to the street lights, so the EXACT area we marked off was lit up by colorful lights!! and right as we were leaving around 11 when it began to rain, the lights magically turned off!!!!!! it was the perfect beginning and end to another successful CELEBRATION ROOM!


vienna (the rest)

...........so after staying up all night we headed up to Mario's roof for breakfast! But our mini-nap up above Vienna’s steeples and red rooftops was cut short by an increasingly burning sun, so we crashed in Mario’s room and woke again around 1, just in time for the flea market. Biked back to Teresa’s, packed swimming kits for the Donau, met Mario but could barely stand the heat radiating off the old lamps, carpets, piles of tools, ripped canvases, knick knacks, books, and gypsies. Most vendors were packing up so we hopped on bikes and rode to the river, stopping at a jolly little hat store on the way. Now shaded and looking pretty cool in our (handmade!!!) hats, we made it to the Donau for a dip before an intense thunderstorm ravaged the whole city, tearing down trees and scaffolding!

That night we went out dancing again, this time happening upon one of "London's hottest djs," Benji B, of Deviation fame. Unfortunately for him (and awesome for our dance moves) there weren't too many people there and we heard that the woman putting on the show cried because it was so expensive to have him there and barely anyone showed up. If you can't throw a party, don't, I guess? We enjoyed it! The next day was the last, and we woke up late and scouted around the neighborhood for a good place for the CELEBRATION ROOM #4..........


i wish i wish i wish

nico just reminded me about rivane neuenschwander's "a day like any other" show that just opened at the new museum. we saw her work at the wizard of oz show at the wattis back in october 08 and it was one of the best pieces in the show! a wall of ribbons with other peoples' wishes printed on them that you take and tie on as a bracelet...i had my wish bracelet on for quite a while! new york-ers/bound please check this out for me! it should be a visually and conceptually enthralling show!


vienna (before sunset)

That first night pretty much set the our schedule for the next few days in Vienna: up around noon, breakfasting, wandering about, swimming, eating more, meeting friends, going out, dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing, riding bikes, and getting home just in time for the bakeries to open. We ran to the Alte Donau for a quick dip and met Amelie at the Naschmarkt to shop for incredients for what proved to be an incredible Persian dinner. Stuffed ourselves silly with veggies and yogurt/dill/cucumber, GIANT BREAD, salad and eggplant mush!

Christian (who stayed with us in SF two years ago! Cool!) sawed Teresa’s lock off her bike (lost key!) and we slow-walked to the center of the city w/Elena & Mario. We shot the shit in a rose-drenched gazebo, climbed statues and sacrificed hundreds of roses for some pretty fantastic petal-explosion shots. After desecrating the rose garden (so sorry!!!), the sun was up!!! and we tried to dance with an unfortunate leftover crowd at Goodman’s, but the sweaty zombie cave led us to choose a breakfast picnic on Mario’s roof instead...........................

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