daisy daisy!

its a boiling 90+ degrees in athens and after a strike shut down the metro lines, i decided to spend the afternoon at the contemporary art museum instead of exploring in the heat. it was a rather shabby building housing quite unthrilling and unimpressive art, except for an online exhibition including THIS INCREDIBLE PIECE by san francisco-based daniel massey and aaron koblin. a bicycle built for 2000 paid 2000 workers (through amazon's mechanical turk workforce, weird check it out) to imitate an isolated sound, all of which were later combined to re-create classic american ditty, daisy bell. i love the (unknown!) collaboration of strangers to produce such a unique sound for a simple song!!! watch it from their site, it's better, or if you're lazy watch the video above. ENJOY!

PS tomorrow i'm off to islands!!!

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Anonymous said...

I miss you nerd.

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