berlin landscapes

I have never had a bad time in Berlin. Not even when I lost my cell phone on New Year’s; or when I coincidentally ran into an ex-boyfriend in the Turkish market; or when I got busted TWICE in one trip for not buying a train ticket. For some reason this city just calls my name and even if it roughs me up a little, I still leave feeling the need to stay longer. For EVER!

This time around I stayed with Ian and lovely Lilly in their fabulously European flat in Kreuzberg. Ian is currently working at SoundCloud, an web-based music sharing program/community, and Lilly works for an association of Berlin galleries. Although my stay was brief, I managed to see some sights, meet some new faces and get some good work done. Upon my arrival, Ian met me for lunch and I checked out the Bruce Nauman retrospective at the Hamburger Bahnhof while I waited for him to get off of work. In the evening we met Lilly at home and devoured falafel and the best ice cream I’ve had in a loooooonnnggg time (sorry San Francisco!) at Vanille and Marille. I had sesame/honey, pistachio, choco-coco-banana, oh my god it was all amazing. We climbed up the real “Kreuzberg,” watched the sunset, and went home for some Mad Men.

In the morning I walked forever taking photos, losing my favorite scarf, ducking into shops and places for snacks. I visited C/O Berlin for a photography show about the growth and decay of cities. Some fascinating photos from all over the world installed in the former main post office on Oranienburgerstrasse. Later, Ian and I kicked it on the Ufer w/Donny and Carsten, drinking beers while I made paper chains for CELEBRATION ROOM #2! Dinner at Seerose, an all-vegetarian café, and ice cream (again!) for dessert! When we got home I took all my supplies to photobooth down the street from Ian’s and made CELEBRATION ROOM #3!!! Boarded a train the next afternoon for Vienna…

Much thanks and love to Lily, such a sweetheart, for the great talks about art, gallery tips, and a comfy bed below Picasso in the kitchen. And as always, love and thanks to Ian, who has been a great Freund for many years, and comrade in german studies! Alles Gute to you both and see you soon, ich hoffe!

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