today was sunny, so i need new sunglasses. maybe these?

or these?

or maybe i'll just go to forever 21 so i dont have to lose a $250 pair. oh the disposability of clothes these days. that's not even a word!


roughing it

well it's been quite an eventful weekend. lots of chopping wood, exploring the beach at midnight, eating cookies and pizza, swinging giant strands of kelp over our heads, playing games, burning alive in hot tubs, and portraiture. here's a taste:



HOT tub

spotted dick? treacle? wtf?

beach houses

giant pile of kelp or squid?

and here's s'more (we did that too!)


birthday extravaganza

my birthday is this weekend. i will turn 21. we've decided to rent a home on the coast and play games and walk on the beach in the rain and soak in the hot tub in celebration. the house we rented is named after the elf-land in the lord of the rings, rivendell, which looks like this:

but it will actually probably look more like this:

and on second thought, more like this:

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