stripes. flag banners. rainbows. massive public installation. i've been obsessing over all of these things lately, so daniel buren's work is really resonating right now. i love the picketers!

friday night lights

we went to see april jam on the keyboard/flute/maracas in the teenage dance craze house band at the knockout on friday. weird coincidence, the roommate of new metier girlfriend, rachel, is also in the band. so tracy, rachel and i had a metier dance night and got our cute outfits all sweaty. the band- april, lisa, russell, and sergio - looked quite snazzy in coordinated polka dot outfits; so good to see phoebe and meet bf willy; and traded retail horror stories with katie. just another night at the ko!


window shopping

storefronts are always so interesting in other countries; how people display things and make products attractive to the public. check these fresh ideas from european communist storefronts! making a little go a long way, for sure. all photos taken by david hlynsky between 1986 and 1990 behind the iron curtain.


don't miss this article on caitlin and the crew's floating art space, the LABRADOR PROJECT, up in portland! do it!!!



courtney and i are working on graphics for some BIG THINGS and she sent me to find more about emma kunz - swiss healer and artist! emma used her telepathic inclinations and a pendulum to create her geometric drawings and to help cure patients in the 1940s. she also discovered the healing stone, AION A, at a quarry in switzerland with the help of her pendulum! get healed at the emma kunz zentrum!

images via little verses
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