EW x2!!!

watched ALIEN and ALIENS this weekend. holy shit that shit is scary!!!! it's on demand so if you've got cable and some downtime, they are highly recommended. here's a preview:


so LA

i haven't actually spent much time in LA, but i imagine it being something like this:











the bomb diggity

leanne is my new friend and team partner. we we to a giant parking lot today and took photos of ourselves to build our portfolios. she is awesome, her style inspires me to look harder, more 90s, and blacker and mine, in turn, has inspired her to love the rainbow as much as i do. here's some samples...god we are the bomb!!!









ewa & me

worked on a shoot with another stylist and friend, ewa, a few weekends ago. the shots are coming out so nice, thanks to photographer scott clark, his wife/assistant jillian, and hottie model/ballerina danielle. here's some samples, more to come soon....


mum's the word

Main Entry: 1mum·my
Pronunciation: \ˈmə-mē\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural mummies
Etymology: Middle English mummie powdered parts of a mummified body used as a drug, from Anglo-French mumie, from Medieval Latin mumia mummy, powdered mummy, from Arabic mūmiya bitumen, mummy, from Persian mūm wax
Date: 1615

1 a: a body embalmed or treated for burial with preservatives in the manner of the ancient Egyptians b: a body unusually well preserved
2: one resembling a mummy



this is my first time voting and i feel honored and grateful to be a part of such a historic election. this day can and will change history!!!! now do your part...VOTE!!!!



i've been collecting security envelopes recently to use in collages. the patterns are amazing. so i decided to google and try and find others who are doing the same thing....big shocker, there are a bunch. here are some examples:

jk keller collected the envelopes for a long time and is now making laser-cut envelopes with the patterns...called "insecurity envelopes"

a flickr set dedicated to the various patterns
heres a more fun way of looking at them

becky johnson on etsy makes buttons out of them!

cindy bernard documented security envelopes from 1987-1993 by photograph

sarah nicole philips makes collages

Gretchen makes beads things out of junk mail, including security envelopes

the curiosity shoppe's derek & lauren flipped the envelopes inside out to reuse

magnets by kirsten fering

recycled envelope journal by alexandre bettler via lena

this is the machine that makes them!!! i want one


that's it!!

IT'S IT!!! i'm going to be san francisco's favorite treat, the it's it ice cream sandwich for halloween. for those of you who aren't familiar with the "it's it," it is an ice cream sandwich composed of a delicious layer of mint/vanilla/cappucino/or chocolate ice cream embraced by two crunchy oatmeal cookies and the whole calorie-counting monster dipped in a thin layer of chocolate. sound amazing? IT IS!!!

here are some photos...i'm sewing the costume over the next few days. i'm so excited!!!!

someone's homemade (probably not as good) it's it

apparently google has it's own natural it's it (there goes my entrepreneurial gig)


i dont know what to be for halloween. kind of want to be a painting....i have the same haircut as her:

by christian schad

and i love this other painting by him (on a tangent...)

it's at the lenbachhaus in munich

but i was also considering:


and more....to come....HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!



just did yoga for the FIRST TIME EVER tonight!!! pretty exciting. here are some cool yoga-related images. it felt so good to stretch in ways i have never stretched before. my mind included. but i'm exhausted and will definitely be sore tomorrow.

i want this as my yoga outfit

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