i've been collecting security envelopes recently to use in collages. the patterns are amazing. so i decided to google and try and find others who are doing the same thing....big shocker, there are a bunch. here are some examples:

jk keller collected the envelopes for a long time and is now making laser-cut envelopes with the patterns...called "insecurity envelopes"

a flickr set dedicated to the various patterns
heres a more fun way of looking at them

becky johnson on etsy makes buttons out of them!

cindy bernard documented security envelopes from 1987-1993 by photograph

sarah nicole philips makes collages

Gretchen makes beads things out of junk mail, including security envelopes

the curiosity shoppe's derek & lauren flipped the envelopes inside out to reuse

magnets by kirsten fering

recycled envelope journal by alexandre bettler via lena

this is the machine that makes them!!! i want one

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