i really should update this more, but half of the time i'm either too lazy to entertain nobody, or i have nothing to say. tomorrow morning i'm leaving to go back to chicago to visit my mom. she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. she doesn't have health insurance. i'm very excited to see her and my grandmother and the rest of my family. here are some pretty pictures of chicago, the windy city. the weather is not thrilling me right now, but maybe it will be a little sunnier than portland.


my mentorona

im writing an article for the changing room about mentors. and im stuck! so i just google mentor and this is what came up:

that is all. back to writing.


welcome to march

it's springtime, all the blooms are blooming and the leaves are leaving and the crocuses are croaking. that means winter is over. or should i say wintour? apparently someone dressed as the infamous vogue-editor/devil-wears-prada-inspiration strolled into the lanvin show without a ticket, according to style.com. here she is, or is she? can you spot the fake anna?

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