yesterday was my last day of work.
today is my first day of freedom.
tomorrow is the first day of my great adventure!

so excited to see haley, caitlin, and noah in portland, then i'm off to reno to visit my family for passover. i still can't believe i'm doing this right now, but i know it's the right time and the right decision. i will miss everyone in san francisco, but i am so thrilled for what i have ahead of me. the doors are wide wide open.


like the 1966 oscar winner about elsa the lion....


capital PP

pp arnold is great. she's a beautiful, belting gospel singer from la who toured and worked with some of the biggest names from the 60s and 70s. a former ikette (tina turner anyone?), she moved to the uk when she was 20, where she toured with the stones. mick jagger hooked her up with a record deal, she had some radio hits and ended up touring with the kinks, the who, the small faces, david bowie, and jimi hendrix. drooling!!! she even worked with andy and barry gibb (of the famed and my favorite BEE GEES!) on a few songs. later in the 70s she was in this crazy musical called catch my soul. she's like the underground, boy's best friend, not-totally-fucking-insane version of tina. check her out:

with tina:

a bit later but quite amazing....




japan fashion week is this week in tokyo. here's a little action to get you psyched. how come the japanese always top us all? it's just not fair. stay tuned for more...

mintdesigns (love the painted on sars masks!)

né-net (mexican-wrestler-troll-chic)

knock me out

went out with lisa, tim & leanne the other night to see some bands at the knockout. this is what happened. ps lisa made her shirt with puff paint. how coooool???


jen & gabe


sunday was spent with jen (of serial cultura) and her husband, gabe. we went to vik's in berkeley for indian brunch and then bummed around their house, a beautiful loft space in oakland. jen showed me her old work from college and inspired me to go back to school...maybe for textiles??!! their place is amazing and inspiring; makes me want to abandon our cramped san francisco quarters immediately. enjoy the colors, the creativity, the jungle that is their home!












and last but not least, gabe's shirt...



the g(old)en age

i was walking to pick up my lunch the other day at madeline's, a delicious feta-cauliflower quiche. i always walk down grant, past the rival (and superfluous) joe's and seven jeans stores, shreve, the prada store, agnes b., etc etc. i was wearing who knows what, some bedazzled gypsy headscarf and an oversized 90s dkny trench, and i could see an fashionable older lady with a wild hat on, in all black and bright red lipstick, approaching with the foot-traffic flow in the opposite direction. we were both walking fast, she delivering something to a shop down the road, i just trying to grab my food, and the was an obvious moment of observing each other's outfits, then she smiled, i smiled and nodded, and we continued on our missions.

there was no pause, no stopping, it was a perfect, fluid movement and interaction that caused me great joy! in that split second of sidewalk, i felt like i was inducted into some kind of secret society of people that dress well. i felt as if that smile was a mutual understanding of style, fashion, individuality, as if this woman saw something in me that she had in herself since she first stepped out of the boundaries of fashion.

anyways, enough sappy hoodoovoodoo bullshit. the lady was awesome and it made me realize how much i love older people. especially older people with style!

check out advanced style for snazzy octogenarians (or younger!)


i love food

this is what i like eating right now, in psychedelic imagery:



i need a new bathingsuit! im not really feeling bikinis anymore....how about these??? i guess they're called "mono-kinis," but it sounds like a hawaiian pathogen....let's just call them by their french name, maillot! sounds nicer. these all remind me of rudi gernreich's mind-altering swimwear designs and infamous topless bikini:

and the search begins...

from jen kao's spring 2009 collection

ok, this is pretty cute from forever 21

vpl's full-on asym one-piece

guilty. from american apparel. but it's cool!

colors (as always) at pucci

at gaultier--gotta have the matching cape!

just gorg by abaete

LOVE IT ALL by....lacoste??
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