slick gypsy!!!

even more slick looks! i think im going to appropriate this slick gypsy look for myself. i can't get the fleetwood mac out of my head, but i want to wear blazers! why not do a slick gypsy?

seems like chloe had it thing going on, with sharpness softened by a few ruffles, velvet, and lots and lots of (extremely well tailored) fabric! tons of high waisted silk trousers ("harem pants," although i despise that name!); tans, taupes and charcoals; felted wool jackets and wraps; and amazing suede lace-up boots!!! sooooo slick....and soooo gypsy woodsman.

balmain is always so freaking rocker/chic/french/awesome, a bit over the top but perfect for a party....or sitting in the living room with a bag of nacho cheese doritos. everything was so sequined, but somehow the slick gypsy snuck in there! love those pants with the slits. rawr.

i dont even want to mention missoni because i'll drool barf all over the place. good barf! how incredible is the palette, are the draping oceans of knits and the delicious leggings???? stunningly chic and still slick, despite the sloppiness! SO SLICK GYPSY!!!

this is just a taste................

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