took over a berlin photoautomat, one of the many that grace the STREETS of berlin, for the 3rd installation of CELEBRATION ROOMS! no need to even step foot in a bar! i had prepared the paper chains all day and finished installing everything around midnight, just as a group of scottish kids came up to use to booth. they were thrilled to take advantage of the CELEBRATION and crammed in to take some shots. right afterwards, another big group of birthday celebrators came and happily jumped in with the garlands and ribbons for more photos. everyone loved it! we all celebrated for a brief moment together and went on our separate ways. i took a few photos of myself in the booth too, for posterity's sake. ian informed me that it was gone the next day, but i managed to grab a few photos in the morning before the party ended.

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Morad said...

incredible. just...incredible.

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