animism via karl grandin

check out this sweater by artist karl grandin

with this he claims to "free" the logo-animals of their capitalist connotations. i think it works, so many logos i never even realized were animals! like the nbc turkey/peacock? woah, that went right over my head.

mr. grandin's also done work for cheap monday:

and Cheap Monday's streetwear label, WKND:

the best-- his "signature" logo:

so much fun!!!


Meaghan said...

love those graphics! And in reading back a few pages of your posts, I see that you have short hair that looks adorable!! I just cut mine short too, 2 weeks ago now, and I'm STILL trying to get used to the idea =P

carolyn said...

pure awesomeness....my favorite is the gigantic explosion on the dress. If i ever get my hands on it I will have to wear brass knuckles that say KAPOW and KABOOM so that my jewelry can provide sound effects for my clothes.
awesome blog!

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