just got a new bottle of shu uemura oil-based cleanser that i'm psyched to try out. a makeup artist i worked with this weekend recommended it. chemistry-wise it makes sense, oil is attracted to oil so a mineral oil cleanser would seem like the best option to remove excess oil from the skin. i'm not a beauty buff by any means, but i'm excited to test out a new product! plus, look at how amazing the packaging is:

AND they have amazing fake eyelashes:

it's so clean and translucent and japanese! I LOVE IT!


zana bayne said...

I am a slave to their "face architect" foundation. Oh yessssss

Anonymous said...

oil cleansers are good but shu uemura isn't the best. Fancl makes the best cleansing oil and is one of the most popular in Japan as well in contrast to shu uemura.

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