shaker sh-shaker

i've been reading more about the history of craft in america (very very very interesting!!!) and came across the shakers. known for their piety, hard work, communal living, and simple life. they were also famed for their ladder-backed chairs, incredible skill in furniture-making and their simple, humble design aesthetic. here are some fantastic shaker images and designs, not including furniture! it's incredible to see what one can make with limited resources and unlimited dedication. i gotta get some of those amazing buckets!

iron tong lighter, pie lifter, dustpan, tin scoop, dough scraper and ladle


herb carrier


images via artcom.com, shaker museum and library, new york public library, treadway gallery, library of congress


art smart said...

great post! i remember going to the shaker museum as a kid. what's the name of the book you're reading on crafts in america?

rebecca said...

the book is called craft in america. it's the accompanying book to the pbs series and traveling exhibition. you can even watch the episodes online here: http://video.pbs.org/program/1235387271/

glad you liked it!

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