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in a conversation about cool buildings that burned down in the 90s, jacob told me about tony duquette (neo-baroque costume/interior/jewelry designer extraordinaire) and his san francisco synagogue-turned-"celebrational-environment," the canticle of the sun of st. francis of assisi. tony revitalized the vandalized building with his art, antique collections, and sculptures, but everything (gaudy interiors included) went up in smoke after an electrical fire. here are a few from a book i checked out of the library...more photos on his website...

tony's motto: MORE IS MORE! his aesthetic was all mixed prints and patterns and moroccan and chinese and louis xiv and chartreuse and starbursts and leopard and velvet and handmade and more...... after working on costumes and sets in hollywood (camelot!) he was tapped to work on interiors of clubs, celebrity and socialite homes (elizabeth arden!), and worked on his own homes and villas, collecting and collecting and remaking and constantly changing. what an inspiration! it's all so over the top! go big or go home, tony.

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Mitch said...

Until this week, I had never heard of Tony Duquette. Earlier in the week, I came across this quote attributed to him.

"The eye must adventure and help the mind invent the unknown."

After a look at the creativity on your blog, I think you could have said the same thing!

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