take it or sleeve it

i've been looking for a case for my laptop for quite a while...just ran across some interesting ones. all i want is something lightweight that will protect my baby when it's in my bag in the airport/en route to the library. have been avoiding species like this:

the "let's-make-the-ugliest-bag-ever-so-we-can-distract-anyone-from-thinking-that there's-a-laptop-in-here-by-just-forcing-them-to-think-about-the-hideousness-of-this-bag" laptop bag

or this:

although quite cute, and i am a fan of cookie monster, i am not 5 years old or a raver and do not feel like pulling this out at the coffee shop.

am leaning more towards:

clever & cool, but too kitschy?

great fabric, but will handmade hold up?

sleek and tough, but do i really want industrial felt?

awesome, but no macbook air! :(

nice color, but too "outdoorsy?"

chic, but too fancy schmancy?

2 for 1! but too ugly?

OH GOD who knows, i guess i'll just have to keep looking....

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