san foodcisco!

between my last big trip and the impending southwest roadtrip (leaving tomorrow morning! woah!!!) i spent a few weeks here in san francisco getting back to work, packing my stuff, looking for a new place to live. and as always, nourishing myself (more often than not to the brink of excess) on the incredible bounty of food the bay area has to offer. here's a sneak peak of my meals and food comrades....

boulettes larder at the ferry building w/trina & sean!

chilango w/jake & tracy!

RICE KRISPIE TREATS!!! at jake & tracy's!

can't forget flour + water w/jen & gabe; mr. pollo's arepas w/jake & tracy (ummm am i sensing a pattern here??); a great homemade greek dinner w/melissa, lev, and katie; blah blah blahhhh yum yum yuuummmm!!!

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