go big or go home

world's largest pisatchio! in alamogordo, new mexico

nico and i are leaving saturday for a BIG TRIP in the wild wild west....down south to joshua tree, across arizona, curling up through new mexico to boulder for haley & eitan's wedding, then back through utah and nevada and finally back to san francisco. we've been planning out the trip, camping sites, roadside attractions, etc etc, and have been coming across a lot of BIG THINGS. here are some that we may come across...and a few others that i will see someday. god, i love a road trip!

world's largest tortoise! in joshua tree, california

world's largest kachina doll AND sundial! both in carefree, arizona
that's gotta be some kind of record!!!

world's largest paper cup! in riverside, california

world's largest boneshaker! in calhan, colorado

world's largest buffalo! in jamestown, north dakota

world's largest baked potato! in blackfoot, idaho

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Lisa said...

"this trunk is so big, you could fit two boneshakers in here." -tim

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