lunch special

working downtown is kind of a bummer on the lunch front. your choices are limited to either shitty, greasy financial district smash-and-grab places or super fancy shopgirl cafes with pricey, soggy salads. but then there's crepe o'chocolat! the shining beacon in a land of unhealthy union square lunches! my all-time favorite lunch destination (if i don't pack something healthy in the morning) always has a fresh, hand-made with love, organic, healthy meal ready for me for around $5.

yesterday i had a gluten-free vegetarian quiche that melted in my mouth; last week i had a hearty butternut squash and faro soup; the goat cheese and apple jam sandwich on an extra skinny, long baguette is toasted to deliciousness! then there's homemade granola, yogurt and fruit; a whole roasted squash stuffed with grains; homemade omelettes with various seasonal veggies......

and don't get me started on the treats.......i don't eat a lot of sugar, so these homemade delights are perfect--chocolate chip cookies, vegan oatmeal cakes, french toasts, quinoa/flax/ cookies, house chocolates w/lavender, sundried tomatoes, and sea salt! dark chocolate covered grapefruit peels! gluten-free chocolate souffles! and dont forget the sugar and lemon crepes! sylvie, the owner, is friendly and welcoming and a magician in the kitchen. my lunch oasis! thank you crepe o'chocolat!

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