munich marriage

how could i forget one of the main reasons i went to europe-- chris & ramu's wedding! married at starnberger see outside of munich on june 6th, a magical fairy tale wedding on the lake with absolutely perfect weather! we spent the whole day celebrating with games, tons of food, drinks, DANCING and a general celebration of their german-japanese union! the best part was releasing balloons with messages written to the bride/groom to be sent mailed to them if they're found. or maybe it was the lebkuchen heart place holders? what a great idea! congratulations guys, can't wait to see you again back in san francisco!?

like many of my great adventures, this past one began in munich at the beginning of june! my bdf (beste deutsche freundin) tasja put me up in her apartment in schwabing, clothed me, fed me, and sheltered me from the rain and grayness of summertime munich. what a bummer to come from sunny new york to dreary munich! eventually the sun came out and we lounged on the balcony (europe loves balconies!), at the buchsee, had a nice visit to the haus der kunst for some conceptual stimulation, and pretty much just ate. a lot. i reveled in the few vegetarian delights of german and bavarian cuisine: mohnkuchen, spaetzle, brezn, milchkaffee, pommes. what else is there to do?? fantastic to see old friends frederick, andi, michi & mona (who are getting married in september! herzlichen glueckwunsch!)....bis bald!!!

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