mathematical genius!

who would have thought that googling "pencils" would lead me to the incredible geometric work of george hart?! professor, engineer, writer, sculptor, puzzlemaker, and all-around awesome dude, george hart has credentials under his belt to knock any rocket scientist into space. but what's even more impressive is his love and enthusiasm for math, shapes, form, sculpture, and the sharing of that with people all over the world.

his website features his sculptural work, as well as puzzles, papers he's written, and documentation of lectures and programs he's participated in. there's mathcamp, puzzle conventions, university lectures; workshops in rome, taiwan, atlanta, michigan, kyoto; central park sculpture building and a bagel-slicing workshop at the whitney biennial in new york; and even a portable, $10 sculpture that he brought to burning man!!!

his online encyclopedia of polyhedra, which allows you to virtually create any polyhedron form, is also quite amusing even for those completely unaware of what the icosidodecadodecahedron, the rhombicosidodecahedron, or the small dodekic icosidodecahedron really are.

be sure not to miss the itty bit link in his bio, which says: "and if you like cookies, click here" for his recipe for trilobite-shaped cookies. could george hart be any cooler?!? i don't think so!!! he is my new hero!!!

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