double birthday

a few weeks ago we went to gabe's birthday bbq at his parent's house in berkeley. they've dug this deep pit bbq in the backyard and slowcook meats in there overnight....this time it was brisket, buffalo, pork, and ribs. we brought veggie burgers and some corn on the cob- whateverrrrr!!! gabe's mom always makes the best desserts and she busted out this incredible chocolate cake, which was essentially chocolate pie crust dough baked in thin layers, stacked up, and frosted. delicious!!! it was great to sit around the pit and stare into it, mesmerized by the possibilities of what you cook 5 ft under the ground. next pit victims- TURKEYS AND DUCKS! happy birthday gabe!!!

back in the city, we headed to melissa's bday blowout at booty bassment at the knockout. god i love to dance, so glad the girls do too! we definitely grooved to some jams with melissa and the gang. shout outs to lev, eyon, kevin, noah, phoebe and everyone else who came out. happy birthday melissa!!!

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