get real

melissa, lev, nico and i went to the EAT REAL street food festival in oakland a few weekends ago. it was awesome to see the whole street food movement in one place- tricked out food trucks (and buses!), the wacky food fusions, the massive numbers of people showing up to eat locally produced meals. we started at le truc, where melissa's brother, myles, was serving pork buns and from a converted school bus!! next was gerard's paella from ginormous pans; korean tacos and pancakes from namu; nopales fries from 51st state, and a veggie bahn mi from ebbett's. we had some good bites but somehow i left feeling a little overwhelmed by the crowds and underwhelmed by the food. best of show definitely goes to these weird korean pancakes from namu! and um...the huge bowl of ben and jerry's we devoured (what!? the local ice cream and gelato lines were unapproachable!)

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