scenes from ny: part I I I

please don't make me go home!!!!!!! today's my last day in new york. i'm at the public library right next to bryant park before the phillip lim show. i'm so sad to leave, this has been an epic trip of massive endings and fresh beginnings in my life. thanks to everyone i have seen, met, encountered, been inspired by, and loved here in this city. can't wait to come back! keys open doors......

the zero + maria cornejo show with my mamas, sheri & trina! abstracted autumnal leaf print that reminds me of my autumn forest wallpaper in my house growing up.....expert tailoring (as always), black on black, and nutty orange jacquard coats the make your eyes dizzy in a good way.

koi suwannagate presentation w/martha davis' shoes! gorgeous girls in gorgeous knits so soft you wanted to stroke them. definitely need to make a giant obi headband soon.

quick trip to h&m, forever21 (guilty!), the stylish (and a bit pricey but worth it) thrift store in union square,the cure, and some wacky african import store owned by jews??? etc etc etc....



weirdo signs and storefronts:

see you later babe :)

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