you say goodbye, i say hello

OOPS before i left i had an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING going away party thrown by myself for myself with all of my lovely friends in sf. april and the duke, phoebe & ashley, roommate lisa with broken elbow & her sis, lev & melissa, ryan representing the boys' house, tokyo ramu, big mike and leanne, jen & gabe, everlovin ewa, and baby boy nico all helped wish me bon voyage by cracking a champagne bottle on my hull. I DO HAVE FRIENDS!!! paulines pizza to the tl for hemlock time, then stumbling upon the deco lounge for a drag show and dancing. wouldn't have had it any other way!

i promised i wouldn't embarrass anyone, but shhh, the rest are on flickr



Sarah A. said...

oh! i have that peace sign necklace!

trigg and trig. said...

that bobs donuts pic is priceless.
i miss you so rebecca!

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