new york is freaking ALIVE! came in yesterday and hung out with my bff, olivia, in brooklyn. we got stalked and asked out by a creepy guy at a vintage store, went record shopping, ate awesome snacks at huckleberry in williamsburg, met up with eve et al at the crocodile lounge and watched the bulls SLAM boston in triple overtime!!! YES! then went to barcade and failed miserably at vintage video games. went home and watched r kelly videos on you tube....until we all passed out.

then i got up early and went to nyu for a meeting with the head of the costume studies dept. so psyched about the program!!! eek!!! then i walked and walked and walked....and walked....and fucking walked all over in my filippa k boots, which held up strong in the rain, unlike my toes which are swollen and pulsing from all the damn walking! great day though, went to moma (too packed), american folk art museum (just right), and the intl center for photography, HOLLA! they have a great fashion exhibit there now. go see it.

now im resting before we dance the night away. tonight is the night of 1000 stevies, where fans dress up as stevie nicks and...do something. gallvant, i suppose. i might have to go blonde.


jules said...


trigg and trig. said...

oh my god.
a stevie party? i'm so jealous!
i wish i could have walked in circles with you!


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