Smørrebrød and Gorn the Old

ok first i apologize for lack of posts, i've been going going going for the past week and the internet has taken backseat to my travels (as it should be, right!)

so i spent a few days in copenhagen, touring around with alison, who has been living and working there for the past year. she showed me the frame shop where she worked, her studio space, and let me sleep in her beautiful room, decorated with old photos of her mom and grandma, and a few photos i sent for her birthday.

we walked and walked and walked all over the city, through the graveyard, several baroque-style gardens (we had to wikipedia baroque garden to make sure that was the right name), over bridges, under bridges on a boat-tour of the canals, and pondered the sculptures and paintings of famous danes and others at the statens museum for kunst. we wandered the meatpacking district and got a private (aka we're closed but you can use the bathroom) tour of karriere club, a kitschy art bar complete with lights by olafur eliasson and works by other artists, then passed under the gigantic elephants holding up the gates to the carlsberg brewery.

the louisiana museum outside of the city was our big excursion. the max ernst exhibit was interesting but not enthralling (i nixed him from my personal list of top 20 artists, although his revolutionary ideology and techniques still keep him in the top 50 at least) but the enormous colorful explosions by kirkeby (alison's favorite!!!) left me speechless and floating.

kristian, a friend of alison's from work who also stayed with nico and i a few months ago, was also around, so we met up with him for an adventure in christiania. christiania is this hippie compound/commune/community, an old military base that was taken over in 1971 by a few anti-establishment-minded danes. its been known, until recently, as the easiest and 'most legal' place to buy drugs in copenhagen, with the infamous 'pusher street' being the main attractions for outsiders. the current government is quite conservative and has tried to shut it down, forcing drug sales outside of christiania and apparently into more violent situations.....

either way, we headed in after dark, passed up some thrash-metal show (too expensive) for a far-too-easily-obtained hash cigarette, and smoked it on a children's viking ship on the lake. after a falafel, fries, and sampling every single licorice candy at the corner store (EW!), we drove up to the queen's palace door and cruised the red-light district before passing out.

alison took me shopping on my last day to the red cross thrift store and a few other wonderful boutiques in the city center. it's freaking expensive you guys!!! but we managed to find some good deals, including a leopard one-piece bikini, a long white lace dress (very danish), and a single-sleeved little black dress that my butt looks quite nice in, might i say! there was one terrific vintage dress store that i could have died in, but everything over $100, i'm too cheap although they were quite nice things.

then i boarded a night train to....drumroll please....vlotho!!! a tiny little town in nordrhein-westphalen, near hannover in germany, to visit tasja's family. my train came in friday at 4 am, on the drive to her house a fox, weasel, bird, and cat all ran across the road. i like it here.

i've been here, relaxing 'aufs land' and eating until i cant eat anymore. i swear i cant eat anymore bread or cheese or i will explode! last night we watched the eurovision contest, it's like europe's american idol...except so freaking ridiculous, i can't even begin to explain how terribly eurotrash it was.... just look up the winner and you'll see what i mean.

there are so many more photos, these are just a few that i took on alison's camera that she sent me. remember to always charge the battery!!!!!

tuesday im supposed to head to spain but i might be changing my flight......here we go again!

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