museum faves

also snuck some shots of my favorite pieces in the art institute when back in chicago in april. these are the pieces i always come back to. i have a history with them, a romance, one might say. they are my standbys, my rocks. they make me happy whenever i see them. it's like visiting an old friend!

unfortunately some pieces were in storage or being transferred to the new modern wing when i was visiting back in april. this time around i didn't even get to see the new wing, but i've heard it sucks....but i'm not jumping the gun until i see it myself!

please enjoy, i certainly do!!!

yeah, that's how i feel too.

all time favorite!!!! this thing is HUGE! covers almost a whole wall!

close ups: sooo pretty!

and a few from the chicago historical society:

diorama of the chicago fire. blazin!

and sneaky "illegal" photos of the Chic Chicago exhibit which featured designer and couture clothing from the collections of "chic" chicago women. i would DIE for that green lanvin mess!!!


DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Definitely love the bar/dancing scene painting, any idea who it's by? The third painting reminds me of the paintings done by Paul Gaugin. Once did an art project on him and fell in love.

rebecca said...

the artist is archibald j. motley junior, there's some info on it here: http://www.artic.edu/artaccess/AA_AfAm/pages/AfAm_6.shtml

the 3rd one is diego rivera!!! and gauguin is amazing too!!!

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