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besides natural disaster movies, one of my favorite film genres is "colonial love stories." naturally, the recently-out-on-dvd nicole kidman/hugh jackman blockbuster-romance, AUSTRALIA, seemed worth a few bucks to rent from lost weekend. unfortunately, it was not worth the time or 3 dollars. an attempt at epicness, it really just epicly sucked, was epicly too long, and had dialog that was epicly difficult to understand. so i guess it did succeed at being epic......in the worse way imagineable. the costumes weren't even that good and i fell asleep.

but some colonial/"white girl in exotic land" favorites include:

they stole a lot from the classic (and every mother's favorite) out of africa, with the talented meryl streep and dreamy robert redford:

her wedding outfit is just incredible!!!!! you must see it if you haven't!

the german film, nowhere in africa, is another stunning drama that i loved, the story of a jewish family fleeing the nazi regime and struggling to restart their lives in kenya:

the painted veil, with edward norton and naomi watts, is also very good, moving from the oft utilized africa to the often neglected asia! i saw it on the plane (ok, anything is good on the plane) and the costumes were stately & the scenery in china is....epic! a beautiful film!


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