storm before the storm

im already in new york, the first leg of my six week vacation adventure. BUT before i left san francisco, i scrambled to see everyone, which meant sharing a lot of great meals with friends. supper club dinner at april & rob's with ashley, ben, and lauren; anti-bay-to-breakers BBQ with lev, eyon, kevin, poet, kendra, etc etc; lunch at brenda's soul food with melissa and hazel!; sfai mfa show, photos in giant pipes, and taylor's refresher w/jen and gabe...

MISS YOU GUYS see you soon with souvenirs!


Tristan said...

THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the pipe game and those pictures of teresa are AMAZING!!!!! SHOW EM' HOW WE DO!!!!

AISHA said...

dude . . . i missed you. when are you back!?!

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