sensory freaking overload

croissants and tea for breakfast, truck unloading flowers, tour of the fez medina the largest prettiest oldest and nuttiest of morocco. bought a ton of scarves slippers some ceramics the artisans here are incredible!!!! finally a place where CRAFT is taken seriously and not dropped from the curriculum!!!!!! passed on from father to daughter mother to son etc no one needs school because they learn the beautiful trades at home without pattern just their memory for all of these insanely intricate detailed geometric patterns:

vats of dye of saffron poppies mint each nature for each color eyeliner from real kohl eyeshadow from flowers and insects donkeys hauling skins and kids handing out flyers for the upcoming election; roses mini artichokes thousands of apricots and plums and cherries and carrots zucchini heaped in with sleeping kittens and flies and goat heads, jars and jars of healing herbs and cigarettes stacked in geometric explosions according to color; 120 year old ladies in blue scarves and djellabahs, silent mosque courtyards visible from cracked studded metal doors and suffocating reeking scents of heat and blood and skins and rose petals + extracts; old dudes tinkering away at brass plates, sharpening knives in shacks shuttered by grates or metal slabs

more cous cous more lentils more beans and beets and olives olives olives and almonds dates figs FRESH FRESH HUUUUGE FIGS like your fist!!! bought plums on the roadside and gifted them to children and friends and shopkeepers along the way in my long cotton skirt and scarf-- how out of africa of me!!

too lazy to go back to the hotel for the computer cord so no pictures yet, on to the atlas mtns tomorrow i think i need to stay here forever.....................

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trigg and trig. said...

this is the craziest picture ever!

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