my day off, thursday 29 january 2009

while i was leaving my house today, the homies across the street hanging out in and around their car were checking me out. one of them said "wassup witchyour fashion?" and i was all "whass wrong widit?" and they were all "naah nothin, i mean, iss cool iss cool!!!" so i got some points on the block for my extra-long grey beanie, beat up levi's and oversized turquoise knitwear.

then i went to the post office and mailed some calendars to my family in chicago. caitlin made some great calendars with drawings and work from various friends. more on that later....i also sent off caitlin's christmas present which is quite overdue. i won't tell you what it is because she might be reading this....

then i met up with leanne and we spent a lovely day at dolores park eating chips, burrito, and babysitting nico's mother's dog, chocolat (yes, like the johnny depp movie). chocolat succeeded in consuming a leftover sandwich, one pizza crust, and two unidentifiable piles of run-over mush. the rest i couldn't even see because he snapped it up so fast.

on the walk home i remembered i had brought my camera! how wonderful! we got mangos on the street (which were underripe, dammit) and walked home to look at magazines and play in blog land. now here i am...still playing.

back to work tomorrow. new stuff in, i hope alex wang and definitely isabel marant!! WOO!





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